High-Heat And Fatigue Resistant Forging Die Steel

Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr W Mo V Co
(Typical analysis %) 0.40 0.45 0.70 3.40 1.70 1.80 0.90 ≤1.00

YTR3A is a kind of high-temperature HOT WORK STEEL introduced by EAST TOOL. It is Cobaltic CrMoWV Steel with medium carbon, has excellent red hardness and hot-abrasion resistance. YTR3A also has better ability to resist to thermal fatigue than AISI H21.


  • Has better heat-durability therefore can maintain its property in an environment that surpasses 600°C
  • Has excellent ductibility and can effectively resist to thermal cracking, which is universal disabled phenomena of
  • Through Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) molten steel of YTR3A is purified and the composition of YTR3A is tight
    knit. For this reason, YTR3A can effectively resist to thermal cracking.
  • Use of rapid and refined heat treatment technology improve YTR3A ability to resist to thermal cracking.
  • Workable hardness is HRC46-52.


  • Warm forging mold, progressive type automatic forging hot die, hot-sizing Die, etc.

Steel density 7.93 g/cm3

General method of heat treatment

General Method of heat treatment