Cold Work Steel With Obdurability

Chemical Composition C Cr Mo W V Si
(Typical analysis %) 0.74 7.30 1.70 0.50 1.90 1.10


YTL7W is the second generation of LD Steel introduced by EAST TOOL

  • YTL7W has the same high obdurability as LD steel, and YTL7W is good at anti-tipping and anti-rupture.
  • Just like LD steel, YTL7W has the same hardness that is greater than or equal to HRC60 during the heat treatment YTL7W has the better wearlessness.
  • Just like LD steel, YTL7W can be used in the high-heat tempering and has few residual stresses. Besides YTL7W improves ability to resist angle rupture and craze.
  • YTL7W has better hot hardness than LD steel and is more suitable to manufacture thin-edge mechanical blade because YTL7W uses tungsten to replace some molybdenum.


  • Be used to produce drawing die with high ductility toughness, especially slender die.
  • Cold-forging and cold-forming mould with strong pressive strength.
  • Cold shears mechanical blade.

Steel density 7.74g/cm3

General method of heat treatment

General Method of heat treatment