High Speed Steel With Strong Ductility

Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr W Mo V Co
(Typical analysis %) 0.80 0.38 0.42 5.30 5.00 5.00 1.70 1.00


  • On the basis of DF6(M2), EAST TOOL developed DF6M, a high speed steel with strong ductility, which improves the ability to resist tipping and rupture.
  • DF6M controls the chemical composition, especially the carbon content and its carbide particle is even and fine. For this reason, DF6M has strong ductility and excellent thermoplasticity.
  • Adding small amount of cobalt in DF6M improve the ability to resist to hot crackability when over loading.
  • Through Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) the composition of DF6M is purified and improved to resist crack and tipping.


Be used for tools and dies to resist tipping and stand wear & tear better then M2

Steel density 8.16g/cm3

General Method of heat treatment

General Method of heat treatment


Temperature is 40°C lower than tempering temperature, and the specific temperature Is determined by mould design.

Relieving stress:

Steel temperature is 15-20°C lower than tempering temperature, keep the temperature for 2 hours and then air cooling.