Company Overview

Zhejiang East Tool & Die Co. Ltd., East Tool is one of the most prominent Tool & Die Steel manufacturer of special steel in China. EST is managed under their great auspices. Their impressive reputation is only suggestive of the service level EST is committed to achieve but nonetheless inspired to cross. We operate in a highly client centric environment where each opportunity of service is perceived as an opportunity to achieve benchmarks of excellence.

East Tool has exports to 45 countries making it the one of the largest exporter of special steel (particularly in heavy die blocks, milled and ground bars, flat bars and sheets of Tool & Die Steel).It has established offices in America and Germany, strategically located points of sale and Warehouses in India, Turkey, South Korea, Australia and Brazil.

Adhering to the service philosophy of "creating value for the customers" products stamped with EST are significant of the standards of research, development and high quality the company has sworn its allegiance to.

East Tool has established a successful long-term collaborative relationship with scientific research institutes and industrial associations like China Iron & Steel Research Institute, Shanghai JiaoTong University and Zhejiang University. It will be in the fitness of things to state that East Tool has successfully and independently researched and developed high-tech product bagging 10 exclusive patents. East Tool is a permanent member of the China Special Steel Enterprises Association as also being part of the Zhejiang Province hi-tech enterprise earning it the reputation of being amongst the most famous tool & die material companies in China.

East Tool's major manufacturing bases are located in Zhejiang (Jinyun) and Chongqing (Changshou & Zhongxian) with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons.

The manufacturing bases have the advantage of advanced technology and modern equipments like 25-ton electric arc furnaces (EAF), 25-ton refining furnaces (LF), 25-ton vacuum furnaces (VD/VOD), electro slag remelting (ESR), hydraulic press machine, precision forging machine (GFM) , a varied range of electro-hydraulic hammers and rolling mill machines such as 250, 350, 550 and 850 rolling mills, wire drawing machine, straightening machines, peeling machines, laser cutting machines, lathe, milling machines and various other large-scale machining & processing equipments.

Testing and inspection equipments employed at the bases include direct reading spectrometer , hand-held spectrometer, metallographic microscope, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, and ultrasonic flaw detector.

State of the art services at the manufacturing bases include pre-hardening, vacuum heat treatment, ion coating, surface nitriding.

East Tool's is mainly involved in the production of high speed steel, cold work steel, plastic mould steel, stainless steel and alloy steel and supply square, round and flat bars, steel sheet, steel strip, heavy die block, tools blanks and other shapes. Additionally, it tailors products to suit customers having special requirements.

Clients, erstwhile and existing, bear testimony to our pledge to dependable and consistent quality services.

EST pursues sustainable development through innovation and creativity to realize the goal of becoming the dominating supplier of Tool & Die materials.