High-Grade Pressure-Casting Die Steel

Chemical Composition C Cr Mo W V Si S
(Typical analysis %) 0.39 5.30 1.80 0.50 0.90 0.90 0.012

Based on YTR5(H13), EAST TOOL developed YTR18 as a high quality high grade substitute to it.


  • YTR18 has excellent toughness and thermal conductivity, and is good resistant to softening during tempering.
  • YTR18 has better high-temperature flexibility and ability to resist thermal fatigue.
  • Processed through Electro Slag Remelting (ESR), YTR18 has excellent toughness and ductility in all directions.
  • Workable hardness is HRC 46-52.


  • Aluminum and Magnesium pressure-casting Die.
  • Copper alloy extrusion Die.
  • Also suitable for high-grade plastic moulds.

Steel density 7.86g / cm3

General method of heat treatment

General Method of heat treatment